Since 2010, Capulet&Montague has been developing and distributing innovative and high-quality spirits and fillers for gastronomy, stockists and retail.

The siblings Denis Reinhardt and Erik Wimmers have followed, as owners and managing directors, their passion for extraordinary drinks away from mass products and the extraordinary demands on quality ever since.

In addition to its own brands around Ferdinand‘s Gin and others, Capulet&Montague Brands is creating individual and customized brands for the German and international markets. Credibility and authenticity are essential elements of our target-oriented activities.


Two-part picture with each a bottle of Ferdinand's Gin and two bottles of Doctor Polidori


Discover the wide range of Capulet&Montague brand portfolio.

Produktabbildung von Ferdinand's Saar Dry Gin

feRdinand's saar dry Gin

Uncork the flavour of the saar

One of the most fascinating wine regions in Germany is situated in the tri-border region between Germany, Luxembourg and France where the Saar meets the Mosel. Here in the region of the Saar where the most valued Riesling-Producers of the whole country are located in between gently curved hills, the story of the Riesling-Infused Ferdinand's Saar Dry Gin begins in 2013.

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Produktabbildung von Bonpland Rum

bonpLand Rum

A legacy of vines

Exotic flavours from the Caribbean meet with German craftsmanship and high-quality wine casks. Bonpland Rum combines rare and unique rums from the New World with the winemaking traditions of the Old World. Bonpland Rum is matured in the tri-border region of Germany, Luxembourg and France on the Vallendar family estate established in 1824. In wine casks from the finest estates in Germany, such as the VDP wine estates of Friedrich Becker from the Palatinate and Bernhard Huber from Baden.

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Produktabbildung von Doctor Polidori

doctor Polidori

Botanical Infused Tonic Water

Doctor Polidori Fine Tonic Water is craftly created with natural ingredients for passionate gin & tonic lovers. It is the epitome of a classic filler, created to accompany a gin and support it to offer his full range of the botanical aromes.

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Produktabbildung von Dreyberg RedBerryGin

Gin by dReyberg

Time to Drey

The RedBerryGin and London Dry Gin by Dreyberg each represent premium products in their category. The RED BERRY GIN by Dreyberg is fruity, fresh and has a special taste in the New Western style. The name says it all: the London Dry Gin by Dreyberg - is a super premium distilled London Dry Gin with handpicked botanicals. The perfect gin for any kind of drink.

Produktabbildung von Dreyberg


Time to Drey

DREYBERG is pleasant-tasting, not to sweet and completly refreshing. The unique DREYBERG taste comes from its natural ingredients: highest-quality triple-distilled vodka, enriched with carefully selected herbs, a little edelweiss and a fresh mountain breeze. Enjoy DREYBERG as a refresging shot, on ice, in cocktails or mixed with lemonade, ale or in processo. The possibilities are limitless – let your personal references decide!

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Produktabbildung von 1405 Vodka

1405 vodKa

Back to taste!

1405 Vodka is finding its way back to pure enjoyment - back to taste!
A great deal of handicraft and the very best ingredients from the region make for a mild tipple with character in small, exclusive quantities. Single-variety organic maize as the starting product and using the traditional pot still method create a unique taste. The maize vodka gets finished in bourbon casks.

Produktabbildung von dsnfctn


hygienic hand care

The hygiene products from DSFCTN. are manufactured according to the formulation of the WHO. Gentle on the skin: the products of DSNFTCN. hygienic hand care. based on 70% ethanol with lavender & lemon.

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Business Development / Export-Manager

Business Development

Marketing / Design / PR

Two-part picture with each a bottle of Dreyberg RedBerry Gin and a bottle of Dreyberg


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